About MIV-802

MIV-802 is a nucleotide based NS5B polymerase inhibitor invented by Medivir scientists that has been designed to deliver the drug selectively to the liver, which is where the hepatitis C virus replication occurs. Preclinical data indicate that MIV-802 can be used effectively in combination with all other classes of antiviral agents used to treat HCV, and that it has potent antiviral activity against all HCV genotypes and a high barrier to resistance.

Nucleotide-based inhibitors of the viral polymerase play a key role in many of the most effective combination treatments for hepatitis C, since the effective members of this class combine a number of favourable properties:

  • They have a very potent antiviral activity
  • They are effective against all genotypes
  • They can easily be combined with other classes of antiviral pharmaceuticals
  • They have high barriers to the emergence of antiviral resistance


Trek Therapeutics

Project status and Medivir participation

The exclusive rights to develop and commercialize MIV-802 in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau were licensed to Ascletis in July 2017. The exclusive rights in the rest of the world were licensed previously to Trek Therapeutics in August 2016. BioPhausia, formerly a subsidiary of Medivir, now part of Karo Pharma, holds option rights to commercialize MIV-802 containing products in the Nordics and certain Western European countries.

Under the terms of the agreements, Medivir is entitled to receive milestones based on successful clinical development and royalties upon commercialization of MIV-802 containing products.

Page updated 6 September 2017