About Xerclear

Medivir has successfully developed products all the way from concept to marketed products. In 2009, Xerclear (Zoviduo®) was approved for the treatment of labial herpes. The marketing rights to Xerclear in the USA, Canada and Mexico were divested in 2010, while the corresponding rights in Europe and the rest of the world have been out-licensed to GlaxoSmithKline, with the exception of China, where Medivir has appointed a local distributor, and Israel and South America where Medivir has retained the rights.



Project status and Medivir participation

Medivir receives royalties on sales of Xerclear (Zoviduo®) from GlaxoSmithKline. In addition, Medivir would receive milestones if regulatory applications to switch the status of Zoviduo® to an over the counter product are approved.

Page updated 14 September 2017