Board of Directors

Thomas Axelsson

Born: 1959. Title: Member of the Board since 2016 and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.
Education: Has studied industrial economics at Linköping University’s Institute of Technology.
Background: CEO of Vitrolife AB since 2011. Former CEO of the publically traded companies Stille AB and Artema AB as well as of a number of unlisted medical technology companies. Former Chairman of the Boards of SBL Vaccin AB, Neoventa Medical AB, Airsonett AB and other companies, primarily in the life science sector. Former Business Unit Director at Baxter.
Other director­ships: No other directorships.
Shares in Medivir: 1,605 class B shares.

Anna Malm Bernsten

Anna Malm Bernsten

Born: 1961. Title: Chairman of the Board. Member of the Board since 2006. Member of the Audit Committee and the R&D Committee.
Education: M.Sc. in Engineering.
Background: M.Sc. in Engineering with an extensive knowledge of the life sciences sector. Runs own consult­ancy firm operating in the fields of leader­ship strategy and busi­ness deve­lopment. Experience of senior posi­tions with, amongst others, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Pharmacia, Assa Abloy, Medivir and Baxter Medical. Former President & CEO of Carmeda AB.
Other directorships: Chairman of the Boards of CEBA AB and Oatly AB. Member of the Boards of Arcam, Cella­vision, Neuro­vive, Pågen­gruppen and Björn Axén. Former Member of the Board of Bio­Phausia AB.
Shares in Medivir: 1,224 class B shares.

Anders Ekblom

Born: 1954. Title: Member of the Board since 2014. Member of the R&D Committee and the Audit Committee.
Education: Doctor of Medicine and Associate Pro­fes­sor in physio­logy at the Karo­linska Insti­tute.
Background: Physician (specialising in anaesthesia and intensive care), dentist.
Other director­ships: Chairman of the Boards of the Karo­linska Uni­ver­sity Hos­pital and TFS Inter­national AB, Member of the Boards of the Swedish Re­search Council, SwedenBio, AnaMar AB, Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB, Mereo Bio­pharma Ltd, RSPR Pharma AB, and Visco­gel AB, and a senior advisor to Phase4 Partners, UK.
Shares in Medivir: 1,345 class B shares.

Anders Hallberg

Anders R Hallberg

Born: 1945. Title: Member of the Board since 2012. Chairman of the R&D Committee.
Education: Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Pharmacy.
Background: Held a number of posi­tions as a scien­tific advisor at Astra Zeneca and smaller pharma­ceutical compa­nies between 1990 and 2006. Prior to this, he was the Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Depart­ment at Astra in Lund. Vice-Chan­cellor of Uppsala University between 2006 and 2011. He has publi­shed over 270 scien­tific articles, a large number of which are on the subject of pharma­ceuticals for the treat­ment of infec­tious diseases, and co-inventor of a large number of granted patents. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engi­neering Sciences. Awarded honorary docto­rates in Sweden and other countries.
Other directorships: Member of the Boards of foundations and universities.
Shares in Medivir: 1,030 class B shares.

Johan Harmenberg

Johan Harmenberg

Born: 1954. Title: Member of the Board since 2015. Member of the R&D Committee.
Education: Physician, Doctor of Medi­cine and Asso­ciate Pro­fessor in Virology at the Karo­linska Insti­tute. Scien­tific studies at MIT in Cambridge, USA.
Background: Previously worked as a re­searcher, Medical Director and Re­search Director at, amongst others, Roche, Astra, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Medivir and Algeta ASA. Former CEO of Axelar AB, Akinion AB and OncoReg AB and a former Member of the Board of Light-up AB and Oxy­pharma AB. He has pub­li­shed over 100 scien­tific articles and abstracts, the majority of which have been on the sub­ject of pharma­ceu­ticals and pharma­ceu­tical deve­lopment for the treat­ment of cancer and infec­tious di­seases. He also runs a small real estate business. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Glionova AB and Onco­peptides AB.
Other directorships: Member of the Boards of small, wholly-owned real estate companies.
Shares in Medivir: 2,250 class B shares.

Helena Levander

Born: 1957. Title: Member of the Board since 2015. Member of the Remu­neration Commit­tee and Chairman of the Audit Committee.
Education: B.Sc. in Economics and Business Admini­stration from the Stock­holm School of Eco­nomics.
Background: Exten­sive expe­rience of the financial and equity markets and of corpo­rate gover­nance issues. Previous employed by Neonet, Odin För­valt­ning, Nordea Asset Manage­ment and SEB Asset Manage­ment, amongst others.
Other director­ships: Founder and now Chairman of the Board of Nordic Investor Services AB. Member of the Boards of Concordia Maritime AB, Hans Andersson Recycling AB, NeuroVive Pharma­ceutical AB, Collector AB and Stampen AB.
Shares in Medivir, including family: 5,250 class B shares.

Employee representative

Stina Lundgren

Born: 1979. Title: Member of the Board, appointed by the Unionen trade union, since 2013.
Background: Ph.D. in Chemistry from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Employed in 2008 as a Senior Research Scientist and team leader in the Chemistry Department.
Shares in Medivir: 1,338 class B shares.

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