Business concept, strategy and goals


Improving life for cancer patients through transformative drugs.

Business concept

Medivir is a research and development company that harnesses a unique combination of scientific knowledge, collaborative spirit and extensive industry experience to discover and develop transformative cancer drugs efficiently.

Strategic priorities

Medivir has four overall strategic priorities. They are based on our leading research and development expertise and proven business development capabilities.

1.Consistently discover and deliver well differentiated oncology drug candidates
Ensure a constant flow of well differentiated oncology projects and progress high potential candidate drugs into clinical development.

2. Efficiently develop drugs through the clinical phases
Drive efficient cross-functional development of candidate drugs from Medivir’s in-house research, or those from in-licensing or acquisition, to create products that meet the needs of patients and other decision-makers.

3. Be a respected collaborator and generate income from partnerships
Partner projects from the research and development pipeline when collaborators can meaningfully enhance the value and thereby generate income in the form of milestone payments and royalties.

4. Be an attractive place to work
Nurture a creative, stimulating and professional culture that attracts skilled and innovative employees, and encourages their retention and development.



Medivir’s business model

Using our scientific platform and applying cutting-edge science focusing on oncology, we will attract talent and relevant partners to our projects. We strengthens and expands both the scientific platforms and the project portfolio through a constant flow of projects in the company’s core area of oncology. By streamlining our processes and maximizing the potential of each project, we will increase shareholder value.

Page updated 15 May 2017