Work at Medivir

Medivir is a knowledge-intensive company with highly educated employees. 46 per cent of our employees hold doctorates. Around 80 people currently work in the company and in total we have employees from 15 different nationalities. Committed and skilled employees, coupled with sound, transparent leadership, are some of the most important prerequisites for our success by far. Therefore we are working with the professional development of our employees and train our managers continually to give them the best chance to lead their teams. We work actively and purposefully to ensure that all employees are happy and feel involved. High transparency levels, rapid and clear communication, and clearly defined goals that are well supported by every individual and every working group are all important to Medivir.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Medivir is a workplace that promotes diversity. We have implemented a number of measures designed to enable us to attract talented employees from every corner of the world. We have, during the course of the year, developed a terms and conditions package designed to function as a turnkey solution that facilitates relocation to Sweden and helps ensure a good start for the new employee and his/her family, in order to enhance our ability to recruit employees from other countries. We regard the adoption of English as the corporate language as an advantage that makes it easier to incorporate new, non-Swedish-speaking employees rapidly. Medivir regards it as self-evident that everyone should be offered the same opportunities and treated in the same way, irrespective of their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or ethnic origin. All employees have six weeks of annual leave and flexitime to enable them to maintain a balance between their working lives and private lives. The ability to combine parenthood with an exciting career at Medivir is taken as read by the company.

Career ladder and skill development

Medivir is keen to offer all of its employees good opportunities for both skill development and a career path within the company. We have created a career ladder within our research and development operations with clearly defined levels as part of our efforts to make career paths clearer and more focused within Medivir.

Competence and objectives follow-up

Our employees advanced skill sets are a decisive factor in determining whether Medivir will achieve its ambitious objectives. Medivir’s operations impose stringent demands not only on its employees, but also for an innovative and high-performing corporate culture. We work in accordance with a specific process of management by objectives and follow-up monitoring in which managers and personnel together set individual goals for the year based on the overall objectives of the company, and evaluate and appraise previous efforts. To achieve the expected levels of commitment it is important that every employee understands both the company’s missions and objectives and the ways in which their individual performances contribute to realising them.

Working climate

A good working climate paves the way for job satisfaction, low sick leave levels, good relationships and low levels of staff turnover. Employee surveys are carried out on a rolling basis to ensure a positive working climate. Management and individual managers place great emphasis on the information provided by the employee surveys and work to implement changes in accordance with the results. Medivir endeavors to create a work environment that promotes health and well-being, offers its employees a fitness subsidy, and influenza vaccinations. Our research projects’ creative discussions, whether formal or informal, are held in our canteen, which acts as a meeting point for all personnel, or via our social intranet.

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Page updated 22 February 2018